1914-15 Star erased, British War Medal, Victory Medal ( Col. J. R. I. Raywood) Coronation Medal 1911 Lt. Colonel J. R. I. Raywood. R.A.M.C.T. Territorial Decoration G.V.R. hallmarked London 1915. EF


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Served in France 03.1915 A.D.M.S of the 48th Dis, L.R.C.P., London 1888, M.R.S.C. Eng 1885, L.S.A. 1884 (Guys) Col A.M.S. late Hon Surgn Montgomerysh Infirm and House surgeon Brecon council borough infirmary.

Author ‘Light Ambulances for Yeomanry’ BMJL 1913 and Lancet 1886.

Territorial Decoration awarded 7.6.1917. Home at one time was Ashfield House, Griffithstown, Monmouthshire.