British War Medal, (2. Lieut L. A. B. Becher.) official correction to rank and initials. Captain L. A. B. Becher, Notts.and Derby Regiment


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Lancelot Alleyne Blakeney Becher was commissioned into the Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment on 24 April 1918 and joined the 1/6th Battalion at Verquin on 25 July 1918. Lieutenant Becher was A.D.C. to the G.O.C. 13th Division, 1918/19. Promoted to Lieutenant on 24 October 1919 and retired on 29 October 1919. During the Second World War he was Captain in Infantry Territorial Army Reserve of Officers. Also Captain of O.T.C. St. Edmund’s School, Canterbury. With copied service details. Court mounted for display.