Father and Son Group : Father , British War Medal , Victory Medal ( Reverend W.S. Caldwell) VF . Son : Defence Medal and War Medal (W.J.S. Caldwell R.A.F.) VF


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Sold with original card packaging for British War and Victory Medal, together with the recipients Birth Certificate, Great War photographs including soldiers in the trenches, Sam Browne Belt. 

The original Air Ministry box of issue ‘W.J.S. Caldwell, ESQ., Bradwell Vicarage, Lechlade. Glos’, and transmission slip for the War and Defence medal.

Various photographs of the recipient in uniform, including two group photographs, one entitled ‘Officers & Non Commissioned Officers of the Royal Air Force, Caron – Sask’, ‘The First Civilian Operated Royal Air Force E.F.T.S. In the Dominion of Canada’,

Royal Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book 1941 – 42 (1095 hrs 50 mins flying time), Royal Canadian Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book 1942 – 44 (2096 hrs 25 mins flying time), Royal Air Force Pilot’s Flying Log Book 1944 (2196 hrs 25 mins flying time)

Royal Air Force Service and Release Book (1947), Royal Air Force Principles of Flying Instruction and a Pocket Bible

R.A.F. Officer’s Tunic, Two Caps, Leather Flying Helmet ,Flying Mittens

Identity tags and various sundry items.