British War Medal, Victory Medal, (Major A. E. Petter) ,Delhi Durbar 1911,( Lt. Col. A. E. Petter ) Volunteers Officers Decoration. (Lt. Col. A. E. Petter V. D. 1st Mx. R.E.(V)) Major A. E. Petter. Gordon Highlanders/ Middlesex V.D. ribbon bar converted to a slider for mounting, EF


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L.G. 17.2.1915 Argyle and Southerland Highlander, Major and Honourable Lieutenant Colonel A.E. Petter late 1st Middlesex R.E. (Voulrs) to be Temporary Major from 21.1.1915. Served Mesopotamia. 25.1.1918.

Lived Bushey, Watford. L.G. 9.11.1918 resigns his commission and granted rank of Major 10.11.1918 1904 Army list. Middlesex Volunteer Major 31.3.1903, Isle of Man.

L.G. 13.9.1818, Camp. Comdts (class BB) attached Gordon Highlanders and to be transferred to the General List 24.3.1918. First entry on his M.I.C. shows Brit. Rly. Const. Batt. Maj.