British War Medal, Victory Medal, (202030. A. W. O. Cl.2. C. H. Coath. Hamps. R.) Territorial Force War Medal 1914-1919, (4507. Sjt. C. H. Coath. Hamps. R.)Defence Medal. 202030/4507 . Warrent Officer Cl.2. C. H. Coath. Hampshire Regiment. GVF/EF


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The 1st Hampshire in March 1915 sent to Mesopotamia landing at Basra 18.31915. The rest of the battalion made a composite battalion with the 1/5th Buffs part of the Indian brigade, North Persia, Zenjan, southwest of Resht near the Caspian Sea. M.I.C. shows A/W.O.2. 202030. 1st 4th Hants.