British War Medal, Victory Medal with M.I.D. Oakleaf. Capt. J. S. Hopwood. GVF/EF


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Son of J. Jolly Hopwood of Colchester

He was born on 13 September 1886 and qualified as a doctor at St Thomas Hospital in 1909 – MRCS & LRCP. He was a member of the British Medical Association, the Society for the study of Inebriety, pathologist at the County Asylum at Winwick; House Surgeon at St Thomas Hospital; House Physician at Bristol Royal Infirmary.

During WW1 he served with the Royal Army Medical Corps, where he was appointed Captain and mentioned in dispatches, for Mesopotamia London Gazette 7.2.1920.

He spent most of his career as the Medical Superintendent at Broadmoor from 1938 to 1952. The author of “Child Murder and Insanity”; part author of “Amnesia in Relation to Crime”; “Observations on the relation of Alcohol to Criminal Insanity”.

C.B.E (civil) awarded 1951 London Gazette 1.1.1951