Crimea War Medal 1854-1856 , 1 clasp Sebastopol, engraved in contemporary style in running script, (Capt. J.E. Sharp The Royal Regiment) Turkish Crimea Medal, British issue, Crimea type suspension, Turkish Order of the Mejidie, Knights Breast Badge in gold, silver and enamel, Captain John Edward Sharp, 1st Foot GVF/EF


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He served with the 2nd Battalion of the Royals in Canada during the rebellion in 1838, and landed with the Battalion in the Crimea on 22nd April 1855 and was present at the siege and fall of Sebastopol, confirms 5th Class Order of Medjidie. 

He became Staff Officer for Pensioners at Chatham on 27th Feb 1875 and later lived at Woodend in Southsea. He died in 1897.

Sold with the following Original Warrants for:

Lieutenant dated 9th Feb 1838;

Captain dated 14 Dec 1847;

Major dated 2nd April 1859;

Lieutenant Colonel 1st April 1870; Major (Half Pay)

1st July 1875; retired 5th February 1876.