1914 star with original Mons bar, (63741. Dvr. P. H. Castleton. R.F.A.) British War Medal, Victory Medal, (63741. Bmbr. P. H. Caselton. R.A.) Messina Earthquake Medal 1908. Imperial Service Medal, George VI issue ‘Fid.Def’ obverse (Percy Henry Caselton.) i 63741. Bombardier P. H. Caselton. Royal Artillery. EF


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Percy Caselton was born in Erith, Dartford Kent on 14.11.1889. His first service was a seaman with the Merchant Navy and was present serving on the S.S. Ophir during the aftermath of the Messina earthquake in which 160,000 people were killed.

His medal is confirmed in ‘Angles in Blue Jackets’ by Wilson & Perkins, also in his army form B2067 which confirms his date of enlistment 3.1.1911 in the R.F.A. transferring to the reserve 2.1.1914. Served as a driver 86th battery R.F.A.

His M.I.C. shows he served overseas from 11.9.1914 with the 12 Brigade R.F.A. as a driver and later bombardier. (Howitzer brigade attached 6th Infantry division sent to 127 Howitzer brigade) France & Flanders. He claimed his clasp in 1933. Having joined the Post Office on 3rd June 1921 he served with them receiving the Imperial Service medal 12.6.1951 having served 30 years.

He lived and worked in Gravesend.

Arather unusual group.