FATHER, India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp, Burma 1885-7, (Lt. Col. H. E. D. Bayley 30th Madras Infy) SON, China War Medal 1900, (Lieutt. W. A. Bayley 27th Baluch Lt Infy) Lieutenant-Colonel H. E. D. Bayley & W. A. Bayley, Madras Infantry & 27th Baluch Light Infantry GVF


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Colonel Henry Elliott Dashwood Bayley (1840  1916) was born on 27 May 1840 at Jaulnah, India, the son of Major General James Walker Bayley and Mary Bayley (nee Phelan). He received his first commission at Calcutta, on 3 March 1860, joining the 30th Madras Infantry. He served for a total of 30 years with the colours, including during the Burma Campaign of 1885-7, before retiring on 3 March 1890. died on 1 July 1916. A brass plaque placed in his memory is located in the Church of St John the Baptist in Hove.


Lieutenant William Arthur Bayley (1878-1903) was born on 25 May 1878, the son of the Colonel Henry Elliott Dashwood Bayley, and after graduating from the Royal Military College he was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the 27th Baluch Light Infantry.

He served with this regiment during the China War of 1900 (also known as the Boxer Rebellion), but died at Chaman on 23 September 1903, at the age of 25.