India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp, North West Frontier, (5615 Sergt. W. Durham 1st Co. 2nd Bn Bengal Arty.). Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, no clasp, (Sgt Major W. Durham 23rd Punjab Infy.) Afghanistan Medal 1878-1880, no clasp, (Condr. W. Durham. Comst. Dept.)(5615 Captain W. Durham, Commissariat Department, late 23rd Punjab Infantry GVF


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William Durham was born in 1829, and served as a Sergeant in the 1st Company, 2nd Battalion, Bengal Artillery in the North West Frontier 1850s Expeditions. Soon after promoted to Sergeant Major, he transferred to the 23rd Punjab Infantry and served in the Indian Mutiny. Appointed a Conductor in the Commissariat Department, Bengal Army, in 1870, he served in this capacity in the Second Afghanistan Campaign in the Commissariat Department, and was promoted Deputy Assistant-Commissary in the Bengal Establishment, with the rank of Lieutenant, on 20 May 1881. He retired with the honorary rank of Captain, and died in Meerut on 7 June 1890.