Military General Service Medal 1793-1814, 2 clasps, Orthes, Toulouse, (J. C. Thomson Paymr. 7th Hussars.). Paymaster J. C. Thomson, 3rd Batt. 1st Foot or R 7 Hussars GVF


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James Crooke Thomson commissioned Paymaster in the army 31st January 1811 served at Orthes and Toulouse with the 7th Hussars. Transferred to the 2nd battalion 1st Foot 4th May 1815 and served with them at Waterloo. Saw some service with the 23rd Foot, placed on half pay 1st October 1816 and died in 1874. Formed part of the Dr A.A. Payne collection of Sheffield in 1911. Sold at Glens 1952 and Spink 1986 still as a pair.

NOTE initial ‘H’ on the Waterloo medal