Allied Special Forces Insignia 1939-1948.


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As Early as 1940 political leaders and military commanders responsible for the conduct of the Allied operations realized that, after a string of disastrous setbacks, national morale could only be restored by taking offensive against the enemy. With the limited resources available Churchill’s stirring call to “Set Europe ablaze” called for unconventional solutions and action.From these uncertain beginnings was born a plethora of Allied Special Force units. All had distinctive identities and their proudly worn insignia represent a fascinating and often elusive challenge for military collectors.Peter Taylors aim in compiling this book is to fill a gap in the growing bibliography of militaria collecting. At the same time Brigadier Bryan Watkins introduction sets in context the growth and development of Allied Special Forces during the global conflict of 1939-45. Lavishly illustrated this work will prove an excellent reference work and companion guide for the expert collector and all intrested in military history.

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