Egypt 1882


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This book covers London Gazette Dispatches for Naval Operations: Bombardment of Alexandria; Control of the Suez Canal; Occupation of Ismalia; Suez Canal Operations, Occupation of Port Said; Later operations in the Suez Canal; The action at Chalouf. Military Operations: Action at Tel-el-Mahuta, First action as Kassassin, Second action at Kassassin, Battle of Tel-el- Kebir. Casualty Lists: Bombardment of Alexandria; El Magfur, Tel-el-Mahuta, Masameh; Alexandria, 1st Kassassin, 2nd Kassassin, Tel-el-Kebir, Cairo, Illness & Disease. Honours and Awards: The VC; OBE; Order of St. Michael & St George; Order of the Star of India; Order of the Indian Empire; Order of Osmanieh; Order of Medijidie; Conspicuous Gallantry Medal; DCM; Special Promotions and Appointments for both Royal Navy and Army & Marines. Mentions in Dispatches: Officers and Men; Ships; Regiments. Medals presented by the Queen to the Royal Navy & Marines and the Army.

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