Napoleon’s Captivity on St Helena 1815-1821


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This book is about a period of Napoleon’s life that was minutely recorded by many people who came into contact with him. The compiler of this work studied their papers and memoirs together with records from other sources, such as the Public Record Office and the India Office, where he consulted Army and Navy Muster Rolls, Casualty Returns, Paymasters Books, Officers Service Records &cc, to produce this comprehensive listing of those present on St Helena at the time of Napoleon’s detention This work includes: biographies of Civil, Military and Naval personnel; details of the British Regiments and Flagships and their officers stationed at St Helena, together with the names of the ships’ passengers; a topographical section giving the residences of the main inhabitants; a chronological list of Napoleon’s visitors; a list of artists, some being members of the Military Forces, and details of their work, including sketches and paintings of Napoleon; marriages on the island. This comprehensive volume contains a wealth of useful and fascinating information.Postage & Packing £2.50. Overseas please enquire.