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The new Deluxe Medal Yearbook in hardback remains as it always has, as an indispensable guide to British and Empire Medals, every official (and some unofficial!) medal awarded to the uniformed services (military and non-military) of Britain and the Empire with all medals and their ribbons illustrated in colour. It also features full descriptions of the medal and explanations of what the medal was awarded for and why, as well, of course, as having all the prices updated to give the best idea possible of what it is worth, whether you are trying to value a single medal, a family group or an entire collection. The special DELUXE Hardback version which features everything that is in the standard edition as well seeing the welcome return of the current COMMONWEALTH medals, orders and decorations of AUSTRALIA, CANADA, NEW ZEALAND & SOUTH AFRICA Both editions will continue to feature handy hints and tips for the collector as well as the CUMULATIVE INDEX to the YEARBOOK is parent magazine MEDAL NEWS! Postage UK £4.00 overseas from £10.00. Special Offer Reduced from £29.95 to £15.00