Uniforms of the Peninsular War 1807-1814 – 2nd Hand V.G. condition


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This book illustrates over 150 uniforms in colour and more in black and white, most portrayed as they actually appeared on campaign, over 60 eye-witness accounts and more than 20 contemporary artists being consulted. In addition to the main protagonists, the British and French armies, extensive coverage is given to the Spanish and Portuguese troops, and the large number of German, Italian, Swiss and Irish who fought on both sides, the troops of the Confederation of the Rhine and the Dutchy of Warsaw-in all, the forces of over 20 states including little known uniforms & participants. There is a historical introduction dealing with the events of the war – including some epics as the retreat to Corrunna, the defence of Saragossa and the storming of Badajos – details of Army Organisation, ‘Orders of Battle’ and hitherto unpublished material including an eye-witness account of Talavera.

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