Medal, War Medal, General Service Medal 1918-1962, 2nd issue George V1 INDIAE IMP, 1 clasp Palestine 1945-48 (1431 B/Const G, Stewart Palestine Police) GVF/EF


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Obituary extract for the Palestine Police Newsletter March 1989. (Gerald J Green)

‘I first met George when he joined the H.O.P (Haifa Operational Patrol) in 1947. On many occasions he teamed up with me as my armoured car commander and we saw and shared much of the bitter street warfare that took place in Haifa as well as covering he length and breath of the country on escort duties. When under fire it was always comforting thought that a former experienced soldier was in the gun turret. George used to alternate on my car as commander with a former Arnhem paratrooper, Geoff Haworth. George, who had seen much campaigning service and was luck to get out of Singapore when it fell into Japanese hands. In due time he made his home in London’

Sold with a file of photocopied service papers and a copy photo of him in uniform