Albert Medal 2nd Class for gallantry in saving life at sea in bronze, “Presented by His Majesty to John David Bulmer, boatswain of the S.S. Rhydwer of Cardiff, for gallantry at a fire, on board the vessel at, Genoa, 31st January 1917” in box of issue. GVF/EF


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John Bulmer (1881 – 1939) was born in Selby, Yorkshire, he married Florence Gray of Hull in 1904. It is recorded by the Board of Trade, Whitehall Gardens, 7th September 1917 “That the KING (is) pleased to confer the Decoration of the Albert Medal upon John David Bulmer, Boatswain of the steamship “Rhydwen,” of Cardiff, and Private John Edward Brown, R.M.L.I”. The following is an account of the services in respect of which the Decoration has been conferred: “On the 31st January 1917, while the steamship “Rhydwen,” of Cardiff, was lying at Genoa, a fire broke out in the ship’s magazine. A fire signal was immediately hoisted, but, before assistance arrived Bulmer and Brown went below, unlocked the door of the magazine and got the hose at the seat of the fire. Water was then played on the magazine and the ammunition was taken out on deck, and, owing to the prompt action of the ship’s crew, the fire was extinguished. Considerable risk was incurred by Bulmer and Brown in rendering the service.” Private John Edward Brown belonged to the Royal Marine Light Infantry. He was a DEMS gunner assigned to the ship. (Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship).The Rhydwen was a steam powered cargo ship built in 1914; she was torpedoed and sunk on the 18th March 1917 by U67.