British Empire Medal E.II.R. (military), (C.R.S. John Gregory J146433Y.) 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, France and Germany, North Africa 1942-43, War Medal, Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, George VI, 2nd type ‘Fid.Def.’, 1949-1953, 15 years additional service bar ,(JX.146433 J. Gregory C.P.O. Tel. H.M.S. President.) Haakon VII 70th Anniversary Medal,Medal for the 70th Birthday of King Haakon VII of Norway, Chief Petty Officer J. Gregory, Royal Navy VF/GVF


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Born on 3.4.1920 at Crediton and enlisted Boy 2, 321.10.1935 Leading Telegrapher 29.11.1942, P.O. Telegraph 29.4.1943.

Served on various ships and bases and retired 24.2.1975 having served approximately 40 years. His last address Whipton, Exeter. B.E.M. L.G. 1.1.1975, medal for King Haakon of Norway 3.8.1943 L.S. & G.C. H.M.S. President 19.2.1953, clasp 29.9.1969.

Sold with a good set of copied papers showing ships and bases served.