British War Medal, Victory Medal, with M.I.D, oakleaf (31088 Spr. R.E.) Defence War Medal, War Medal, Army Meritorious Service Medal, George VI issue ‘Fid.Def’ obverse, (1853414 W.O.Cl 2. R.E.), Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, George V issue, 3rd type 1930-1936 with regular army bar, (1853414 Sjt. R.E.) 31088/1853414 Warrant Officer Class II A. R. Martin, Royal Engineers EF


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Arthur served France from 16.11.1915 M.I.D. General Haighs Despatch 16.3.1919. His M.I.C. shows issued a 1914-15 star which was returned in 1923, no reason given. The M.S.M award late war 1950-51 period and date at present difficult to find.