General Service Medal 1918-1962 3rd issue George VI IND IMP:, 1 clasp, Palestine (T/35405. Cpl. A. Gelsthorpe. R.A.S.C.); 1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Defence Medal; War Medal; Army Meritorious Service Medal George VI issue ‘Fid.Def’ obverse (T/35405. W.O. Cl 1. A. H. Gelsthorpe. R.A.S.C.); Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal George VI issue, 1st type ‘Indiae Imp.’ 1937-1948 with regular army bar (T/35405. W.O. Cl 1. A. H. Gelsthorpe. R.A.S.C.) EF


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Palestine confirmed on the roll otherwise un-researched. The M.S.M one of a large backed dated lot 1950-1951.