General Service Medal 1918-1962 3rd issue George VI IND IMP:, 1 clasp, Palestine officially re-impressed naming, traces of naming in the background ( (4528402 F. Bristow. C. of M.P.); Army Meritorious Service Medal George VI issue ‘Fid.Def’ obverse (4528402 W.O. Cl1. F. R. Bristow. C.M.P.); Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal George VI issue, 1st type ‘Indiae Imp.’ 1937-1948 with regular army bar regimental number and ‘C’ of Corporal officially corrected, (4528402 Cpl. F. R. Bristow. C.M.P.) 4528402 Warrant Officer Class 1. F. R. Bristow. Corps of Military Police.


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