Most Excellent Order of the British Empire Members M.B.E., 2nd type (civil). 1895963 Flight Sergeant J. Church, Royal Air Force GVF/EF


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The Distinguished Flying Medal: Supplement to the London Gazette 21 September 1945, printed confidential paperwork stating Rank as Flight Sergeant, Path Finder Force (No.8 Group) Unit No (R.C.A.F.) Squadron, Number of hours flown on operations 207:40. Number of Sorties 43. Appointment Held Flight Engineer. ‘Flight Sergeant Church is an extremely valuable member of the aircrew. He is an experienced and capable Flight Engineer of an extremely successful crew, which has almost completed two tours of operations. He has taken part in many highly successful attacks against such strongly defended enemy targets as Essen, Hamburg and Kiel. Throughout his operations, Flight Sergeant Church, by his quiet manner and efficient work, has been a great example and asset to his squadron. Strongly recommended for the non-immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Medal. The M.B.E. awarded in 1969 to Joseph Church D.F.M. Security officer Grade I, Ministry of Defence. It appears that NO. 405 (Vancouver) squadron R.C.A.F. was the first R.C. A.F. squadron formed overseas and the only R.C.A.F. Pathfinder squadron. It was formed at Driffield, East Yorkshire on 23.4.1941. Mounted swing style as worn.