Sweden Order of Vasa 5th class (edge marked ‘silver 1919’) Royal Swedish Sailing Society Medal of Merit, silver, 32mm. reverse engrave ‘To Ivar Johansson minna of ‘Fidras’ världsomsegling 1920-1922′ Ivar Johansson crewman of the ‘Fidra’ 1920-22. GVF/EF


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Ivar Johansson served as a member of the crew on the Fidra, a British-built ketch laid down in 1896 of 73.5 tonnes.

Owned by brothers Sebastian and Lieutenant Sune Tamm, they set sail from Karlskrona on 25 September 1920 with a total crew of eleven including the Tamm’s. Sailing first to Britain, thence Bahia and down the coast of South America, they went through the Magelhas Sound to the Pacific. Onwards through the South Sea Islands and to Yokohama, Fidra went on to Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombo, Aden, and Alexandria. Through to the Mediterranean and back to Britain, Fidra returned to Karlskrona on 11 September 1922, having covered 42,622 nautical miles and having spent 478 days at sea; sold together with an original copy of Med Fidra Pa Varldsomsegling by Uno Thornburn, which features several pictures of him.