1939-45 Star; Africa Star; Defence and War Medals 1939-45; General Service 1918-62, clasp, Malaya, (948613 Sgt. A. A. P. Brown, R.A.F.); E.II.R. Korea 1950-53, 1st issue. (948613 Sgt. A. A. P. Brown. R.A.F.) U.N. Korea 1950-54. 948613. Sergeant. A. A. P. Brown. Royal Air Force. GVF


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27.3.1951 R.A.F. Tengah. 1.6.1951., 390 M.U. R.A.F. Seletar, 11.1951 R.A.F. Tak (Det Iwakuni, Japan) 29.8.1952 Terminate Engagement. Korea to the R.A.F. rarely seen (flying Boats)