British War Medal, Victory Medal. Captain. I. G. Kelly. Royal Air Force/ Royal Naval Air Service GVF/EF


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Awarded the Air Force Cross GVR, L.G. 3.6.1919 Captain Ignatius George Kelly. Temporary Flight Sub Lieutenant confirmed 23.11.1915, Flight Lieutenant 1.4.1917.

Born 11.4.1885, Queens College Cambridge 1904. Next of kin Mrs. R.V. Walker (stepmother) Little Holland House, Milbury Road, Kensington. 

He first served at Roehampton from 14.10.1915 to 4 H.B. section 23.11.1915, 4 H.B. section to Roehampton 9.2.1916.  Roehampton to H.M.S. Campania 5.4.1916, transferred to Honiton Air Station No.1 Ball T. Wing 24.9.1918. H.M.S. Campania being sunk in the Forth of Forth 5.11.1918 only six weeks or so later. 

Note: Entitled to a 1914-15 Star and Air Force Cross GV.