1914-15 Star, (310120. C. T. Payne. L. Sto. R.N.) British War Medal, Victory Medal, (310120 C. T. Payne. S.P.O. R.N.) Royal Navy Long Service and Good Conduct Medal G.V.R. 2nd issue. ( 310120. C. T. Payne. S.P.O. H.M.S. Ambrose.) Petty Officer J. Payne, Royal Navy VF/GVF


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James Payne was born in Bristol in September 1878. He joined the Royal Navy as a Boy 2nd Class in December 1893, and advanced to Petty Officer 1st Class in December 1907.

Payne served with H.M.S. Bellerophon (battleship) for the entirety of the Great War, during which time she was part of the 4th Battle Squadron at the Battle of Jutland, where she fired a total of 62 twelve-inch shells and 14 four-inch shells during the battle. Payne joined the Coastguard in August 1919.