1914-15 Star, (284194. E. G. Daines. Mech. R.N.) British War Medal, Victory Medal, (284194. E. G. Daines. Mech. R.N.) Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal George V 1st type Admirals bust 1911-1930 (284194. E. G. Daines. Mech’n. H.M.S. Britannia.)284194. Mechanician. E. G. Daines. Royal Navy.


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Edward was born in Marylebone, London 8.12.1878 and enlisted 17.12.1896 serving on various ships and bases including H.M.S. Albemarle 15.5.1913 to 31.12.1915 which lost its Commander, one man lost overboard, fourteen men badly injured when her Fore Bridge was carried away by heavy sea.

His next ship was H.M.S. Cochrane from 10.5.1916 to 31.12.1916 and armoured cruiser which took part in the battle of Jutland 31.5.1916 later serving in Murmansk, Russia, mid 1918 during the Russian intervention in the Russian civil war.

She became stranded on the river Mersey 14th November 1918 and broke in two, Edward being transferred to Victory 11.

He joined the R.F.R. 14.5.1921. L.S.& G.C. awarded 9.1.1912, pensioned 201.1919.