1939-45 Star; Atlantic Star, clasp, France and Germany; Africa Star; War Medal,  Naval General Service 1915-62, 1 clasp, Near East (Ctn. Mngr., N.A.A.F.I.) ‘I’ of ‘NAAFI’ re-impressed, Canteen Manager E. J. Reeve, Navy, Army and Air Force Institute, late Royal Navy. GVF


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With two photograph albums containing approx. 120 photographs; plus another 20 loose. Photos are mainly naval wartime in the Mediterranean, some identified – including H.M.S. Illustrious being bombed off Malta; aerial photos of Taranto; the wreck of the Italian cruiser San Georgia in Tobruk.

Together with three ‘King Neptune’ certificates to Canteen Manager Edward John Reeve for crossing the Equator, dated April 1941 on the transport Stirling Castle; 21 June 1953 on H.M.S. Dalrymple, and 21 June 1963 on H.M.S. Cambrian; and another two, for crossing the Arctic Circle, dated 14 September 1958 on H.M.S. Hogue and 15 September 1959. With two Daily Prayer cards named to Edward John Reeve – one stating that he was baptised at St. Luke’s, Devonport, 4 February 1920 and confirmed at Revelstoke Church on 10 March 1936; two other related papers and a card of thanksgiving from the Parish of Newton and Noss for his safe return from the Second World War.

Also with papers relating to his father – Edward George Reeve, including his Certificate of Service in the Royal Navy; gunnery history sheet; marriage certificate and a photograph of his father in naval uniform wearing his 1914-15 Star trio and Naval L.S. & G.C. Edward George Reeve was born in Revelstoke, Devon on 25 May 1888. He served in the Royal Navy from 10 April 1905 until invalided as a Leading Seaman on 29 April 1929. He was present at the battle of Jutland, serving on the battleship H.M.S. Bellerophon.