1939-45 Star Atlantic Star with France and Germany clasp Defence Medal War Medal Naval General Service Medal 1915-1962 3rd issue George V1 FID DEF: (P/JX 397653 R. J. Mead. A/Ldg Smn. R.N.) Voluntary Medical Service Medal (Ronald J. Mead.) with 5 years additional Service clasp P/JX 397653 Acting Leading Seaman Ronald J. Mead, Royal Navy GVF


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Ronald was born 29.7.1924 at Lewisham, London and entered the Navy at Glendower 5.12.1943, served on various ships including Glendower 1943, Whitshed 1943, Collingwood 1945, Phoenicia 1946, Providence 1947, Espiegle 1948, Cadiz 1848, Victory 1949 and on 15th October 1949 he retired. Joined the R.F.R. Court mounted for display.