British Empire Medal, George VI GVIR cypher (civil) William Arthur Alleway. GVF


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William Arthur Alleway (Factory Industrial Worker, Enfield) L.G. 28.1.1941.
‘Two men were working on some heat-treating furnaces and although they had been warned that planes were overhead, they elected to carry on with their work. Both men were injured by a bomb, and Alleway although severely wounded on the sole of the foot, walked 60 yards, to report that his mate was injured and unable to move. As none of the men knew the location of Alleways mate, Alleway, despite his injury, went back to the shop, which was on fire in certain points, lifted the injured man and carried him to Area Headquarters. He then collapsed owing to his wound. Throughout this time the enemy aircraft were overhead. Alleway displayed extreme devotion to duty.
A good London Blitz award

Swing mounted with pin.