British South Africa Company’s Medal 1890-1897 2 clasp’s Mashonaland 1890, Rhodesia 1896′. (Bombardier. Hill. W. G. – Pioneers.)


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Sergeant Major Warwick George Hill first served as a Bombardier with the pioneer Corps in 1890. In 1896 he served with the Salisbury Field Force which appears to be his hometown.

Sold with a photocopy of a photo taken of the none commissioned Pioneers then from Ellerton Fry’s superb book which includes Bombardier W.G. Hill standing second left top row.

Some newspaper extracts from the period 1859-1897. Gleaning from Gazette 1895 compiled by B.H. DeBeer and the Grahamstown Journal.

Mrs. W.G. Hill, 1895 or earlier, a son Herbert William, was born in 3.4.1895 to Mrs Edith Winfred Hill and her husband William George, as contractor, of Salisbury.

‘In October Mr G.M. Braganza offered his services as a painter, being late of Bombay, Baroda, and the Central India Railway. He includes a testimonial from Mr. W.G. Hill reading ‘Mr. Braganza has pained a cart for me’

Saturday 27th November

‘Died at Salisbury, Mashonaland, 24th November William George Hill, third son of Mr and Mrs. Warwick Hill of this city aged 32 years.