China War Medal 1840-1842. Lieutenant H. M. Tylden, Royal Navy H.M.S. Conway


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Henry Manby Tylden passed his examination in 1824, serving on the West Indies, north America and Lisbon stations. Posted to H.M.S. Conway on the 13th October 1840. Conway participated in the various actions leading to the capture of Canton. Shortly after he was placed on half pay. On the 31st October 1845 he was appointed to command of H.M. Steam vessel ‘Lizard’ on the South East coast of South America. In the spring of 1846 while in the Pirana river on passage from Monte Video to the Bajada of santé Fe and in the act of passing the batteries of the San Lorenzo in the possession of General Rosas, the ‘Lizard’ was for nearly two hours exposed to terrific fire from the batteries ‘Lizard’ received 7 shots between wind and water, nine cannon, 14 grape and 41 musket balls in her hull and bulwarks, 7 cannon and grape in the funnel and steam pipes, and her boats, mainmast and rigging shot through and through by cannon. 4 men were killed and 4 wounded. This incident was reported in the London Gazette and other newspapers at the time. He retired as Commander in 1860 and died 20th December 1860.