China War Medal 1900, 1 clasp, Relief of Pekin. Stoker J. Rooke, H.M.S. Barfleur VF


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James was born in Melton Mowbray 5.6.1876 and enlisted 30.11.1897 as Stoker 1st Class. He joined H.M.S. Barfleur on 1.10.1898 serving until 22.1.1902. Served on various ships including H.M.S. Russell 13.8.1912 to 27.10.1915, H.M.S. Lancaster 2.3.1916 to 2.1.1918 which saw service in the Pacific, invalided 1.5.1918 awarded a Silver War Badge. H.M.S. Barfleur suffered a number of casualties during the Relief of Peking.