Distinguished Flying Medal G.VI.R., 1st type, initial ‘L’ officially corrected. 2210626 Sergeant L. M. Christie, Royal Air Force


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Christie, Lesley Muirhead, 2210626 Sergeant, No 166 Squadron London Gazette 20.9.1945. Sorties 35, Flying hours 240, Flight Engineer Air2/9083 ‘This N.C.O. as Flight Engineer has completed 35 sorties. During his tour of operations, he has proved himself to be a Flight Engineer of more than normal skill and on several occasions has enabled his Captain to press on to the target when mora engine trouble threatened to prevent the successful completion of an attack. An instance of his excellent crew discipline and efficiency was given on the night of the 14th/15th January 1945, when his aircraft was detailed to attack Merseburg Leuna. On the way out to the target, the starboard engine caught fire and the propeller had to be feathered but so complete was the captains confidence in Sergeant Christies ability to handle the three remaining engines that he decided to carry on although the aircraft was 100 miles from the target. Shortly afterwards, the aircraft was attacked by a Ju. 88 but so ably did this N.C.O. manipulate his engines that the Captain was able to out-manoeuvre the enemy fighter which was claimed as damaged by the gunners. The calmness and the cool courage displayed by Sergeant Christie on this occasion has characterized all his sorties that has made him a worthy member of a gallant crew. For his devotion to duty, exceptional skill and steadfastness under fire, he is recommended for the award of the D.F.M.’ With Buckingham Palace regret certificate, photograph of aircraft, crew and ground crew included. Photograph of recipient, also one of the group of administrations school. He flew with 166 Squadron. Mounted with pin.