East and West Africa Medal 1887-1900, 1 clasp, Benin River 1894. Able Seaman G. H. Bigrig, Royal Navy, H.M.S. Philomel Fine/VF


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George Henry Bigrig was born at Stoke Damerel, Devon, on 27 December 1873, and joined the Navy on 15 April 1889, as a Boy 2nd Class. He joined Philomel on 10 November 1891, as a Boy 1st Class and, after advancement to Ordinary Seaman on his 18th birthday, was further advanced to Able Seaman on 1 November 1893, before leaving the ship on 30 November 1894, a full 3 years in the ship, during which he earned this medal. He was advanced to Leading Seaman in October 1898 and, in April 1904, joined the Coast Guard in Ireland, receiving his L.S. & G.C. medal in January 1907. He also earned the 1914-15 Star trio for service during the Great War, most of which he spent in Agincourt. Sold with copied record of service.