Gwalior Campaign Star 1843 Maharajpoor Star. Ensign G. E. Lane, 40th Regiment EF


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The son of Lieutenant Colonel George Lane 1st Regiment of Foot who served in the Peninsula wars (no medal) and present at Quatre Bras and Waterloo where he is listed as being wounded, the regiment receiving 60% casualties. In a copy of a letter from G.E. Lane to the Right Honourable Lord Hill he mentions that his father was wounded in the Peninsula war and at Waterloo where he lost his right arm, and in consideration of his other service was appointed Barrack Master at Clonmel by his Grace the Duke of wellington then Major General of Ordinance which situation he held until the period of his sudden death in 1836 hence no M.G.S.

George E Lane finally got his commission as Ensign serving with the 40th Foot in the Gwalior campaign where he served in the Maharajpoor battle, the regiment suffering 23 men killed, and 159 officers and men wounded He is in 1849 listed as a Lieutenant serving in the 25th Foot.