Gwalior Campaign Star 1843 Maharajpoor Star. Private William Carnell, 40th Regiment VF/GVF


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William Carnell was born at Lyston, Leicestershire, and attested for the 17th Foot on 11 November 1825, aged 18, a frame-work knitter by trade. He served abroad in New South Wales for 6 years; in the East Indies 3 years 242 days, and in Lower and Upper Scinde, Baluchistan, & Affghanistan 3 years 324 days. He transferred to the 40th Foot on 1 February 1837, and served with the 40th in the Second Afghan War (Medal for Candahar Ghuznee Cabul), and at the battle of Maharajpoor, being wounded in action with the enemy on the 29th December 1843 by a musket ball in the left shoulder – recommended to be sent to England.  Duly returning to England he was reviewed by the Medical Board and discharged on 13 August 1844. Sold with copied discharge papers.