India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp, North West Frontier. 1777 W. Kinley, 1st. Bn. HMs. 19th Regiment VF


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William Kinley was born in Westminster in 1840 and attested for the 81st Foot at Rochester, Kent, on 9 September 1858. He transferred to the 19th Foot on 16 October 1864, and served with the 1st Battalion in India for 11 years and two months, taking part in the expedition under Major General A. T. Wilde against the Bazoti Black Mountain Tribes in Hazara on the North West Frontier, 3-22 October 1868. He was awarded his Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal per Army Order 27 of 1879, and was discharged on 25 May 1880, after 21 years and 259 days service. Sold with copied service papers.