India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp, North West Frontier. Captain T. C. Darnell, 21st Punjabis Minor contacting Choice EF


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22nd April-5th May 1858; For the operations of the Sittana Field Force under Major General Sir Sydney J. Cotton, KCB, in Panjtar and Lower Sittana. 11th June 1842, Ensign, Bengal Army, 7th May 1844, Lieutenant 51st Bengal Native Infantry, 23rd November 1856, Captain, 11th June 1862 Major, Bengal Staff Corps, 26th June 1866 (Hon) Lieutenant Colonel. Served at the action at Punniar (bronze star) at the siege and surrender of Mooltan, and the battle of Goojerat, where he was wounded (medal and clasp) He served as a Cantonment Joint Magistrate, Ferozepore, 13th October 1859. Wing Officer of the 24 Bengal Native Infantry 22nd March, 1865 and retired the 23rd of November the same year. He was Justice of the peace of Stanhope, Sidford and Sidmouth Devon. Believed to have died in 1909.