India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp, Pegu. Major W. A. J. Mayhew, 8th N. I. Dy. Adjt. Genl. EF


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William Augustin John Mayhew was baptised in London on 21 January 1808. A Cadet of 1825, he was appointed an Ensign on 16 February 1826, and arrived in India on 25 June 1826. Ensign doing duty 49th N.I., 8 July 1826; posted to 8th N.I., 26 September 1826; Acting Instructor and Quartermaster 8th N.I., 20 September 1831; acting Adjutant, 2 July 1832; acting Adjutant 2nd Local Horse, 5 September 1838; Adjutant 4th Recruit Depot Battalion, 7 September 1839; Adjutant 8th N.I., 20 November 1839 to 29 May 1845; 2nd Assistant Adjutant General of the Army, 6 May 1850; 1st A.A.G. of the Army and acting Deputy Adjutant General, 18 November 1850. To be Assistant Adjutant General of Burma Force (with official rank of Major) 24 March 1852, and Deputy Adjutant General of Burma Force, 2 September 1852. Served during the Second Burma War of 1852, including the taking of Martaban and operations in the vicinity of, and capture of Rangoon; served in Pegu, December 1852 (Despatches, brevet of Major, medal with clasp). Acting D.A.G. of the Bengal Army, 7 November 1854; D.A.G. 6 May 1856; Adjutant General Bengal Army (with official rank of Colonel) 10 December 1857, until he retired on 31 December 1861. He transferred to the newly-raised 6th European Infantry in 1858 and was appointed as Honorary Colonel of the regiment upon his retirement. Colonel Mayhew died at Ealing on 19 June 1874, aged 66.