India General Service Medal 1854-1895, 1 clasp Perak, 809 Private J. Moss 1-10th Foot EF


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Sold with copied service record, Joseph Moss was born in Manchester, enlisted 27.12.1860, served Cape of Good Hope 1864-68, Japan to 1871, Chine to 1872, Straits Settlements to 1877, discharged 11.7.1882, this his full entitlement

Extract from ‘The History of the Tenth Foot’ pp. 157-158:

The Battalion proceeded to Japan, arriving at Yokohama on the 4th of April 1868.  Japan was then in the chrysalis stage, from which it has so lately and so wonderfully emerged to take its place among the foremost nations. At that time, however, the law of Japan was to kill all foreigners when met with, and especially on the Yokaido, a sacred road of the country. In consequence of this, the European Powers placed troops there after the siege of Shimousaki, in 1865, which was altogether a Naval affair. The East Devonshire (20th) and the North Devons (11th) served at Yokohama before the Tenth went there, and these were the only Line regiments that ever served in Japan. The situation was very similar to that in China during the late Boxer rising. There was German, French, American and other troops attached to each Legation. The British had the greatest interest at stake, and a whole regiment was quartered in the camp on the Bluff.   The position, before any troops were sent to Japan, had been so critical, that Sir Harry Parkes, the British Minister, had urgently pressed upon our Government the necessity of a regiment being present to protect him and his Staff, as well as the whole community of British merchants and others.