India General Service Medal 1895-1902, 3 clasps, Punjab Frontier 1897-98, Samana 1897, Tirah 1897-98. 3868 Private J. Eldridge, 1st. Bn. Northamptonshire Regiment VF


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John Eldridge was born at Deptford, London in June 1872. He enlisted in the Northamptonshire Regiment in December 1892. Serving with the 1st Battalion after the Samana expedition, the Northamptons marched with the 2nd Division of the Tirah Field Force, entering the Afridi Tirah on 31 October 1897. On 9 November, the Battalion formed part of a reconnaissance in force to the crest of the Saran Sar, under the command of Brigadier-General Westmacott. Lucky indeed to have escaped, Eldridge was discharged on 16 January 1911, in receipt of his Medal with 3 clasps; sold with copied roll page and discharge papers, also a good account of the action at Saran Sar and how arduous and terrifying the escape back must have been through the deep ravine.