Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, 1 clasp, Defence of Lucknow. John Walsh, 84th Regiment EF


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John Walsh, there are at lest three men on the roll with this name in the regiment, plus a Corporal and a Drummer both of whom would have the rank on the medal.
Only one man is listed as a single clasp ‘Defence of Lucknow’ according to J.K. Asplins roll published in 1998. Regimental number 3054 and a shoemaker from St. Mutts, Kinsale Co. Cork Ireland. The other two men were issued two clasp medals.
Had this been a unique name it would warrant a price of £1,800, however being as there are two similar medals with two clasps, it is priced at half the normal price.
This is a beautiful medal it looks like its has never been worn.