Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, 1 clasp, Delhi, suspension claw re-soldered. Alfd. Clover, 75th Regt. EF/GVF


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Alfred Wingrove Clover was born in the parish of St Andrews, near London on 5 December 1831, and enlisted at Chatham on 6 June 1850.

He was wounded in the right hand at Delhi, 14 September 1857, and later invalided to Europe and discharged in 1859. He served in No 3. Company during the siege of Delhi and received 1 share of the prize money which amounted to 86 Rupees.

In the 1861 Census Alfred is recorded as living in Westminster, London, a cigar maker by trade. In The Times of 17 November 1863, reference is made to Clover assaulting a woman and earning 6 months imprisonment with hard labour.

Many years later, the court pages tell of him being mugged by a couple of teenagers. Alfred Clover died at Holborn sometime during the third quarter of 1890 aged 58. Sold with copied discharge papers and other research.