Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, 1 clasp, Lucknow. Gunner & Driver William Dodd, 12th. Battalion Royal Artillery. VF/GVF


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He was born in Liverpool in 1828 and attested for the Royal Artillery in Dublin on 31 October 1848. He was advanced Sergeant on 29 May 1856, but was tried and imprisoned by General Court Martial, and was reduced to Gunner on 6 March 1857. He was granted an additional 2 years’ service by General Order of October 1859, and was again advanced Corporal on 1 January 1862, being reduced to Gunner once more on 16 May 1864. He was finally discharged on 21 April 1868, after 21 years and 92 days’ service, of which 18 years and 10 months had been spent soldiering in India.

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