Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, 1 clasp Lucknow, Able Seaman Charles Phillips H.M.S. Shannon GVF


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Charles Phillips was born in Southend. Essex 1st April 1824, the son of Thomas Phillips a Gardener and his wife Rebecca. Baptized on 13th June 1824 at St Mary The Virgin. Chigwell, Essex at the time the family were residing in Chigwell Row. The 1841 census records Charles Phillips is a 15-year-old Gardener residing with his family in Chigwell, one of seven children including his18-year-old sister Mary.

Phillips first went to sea with the Merchant Navy in 1842 as a Boy. TNA BT113/196 page 121 the Register of Merchant Seaman records Registered Ticket Number 390963, tattoo “C P”OD left arm.  Home address 15 New Gravel Lane, Ticket issued in London 3rd February 1848, notations include discharged at Malta.

15th June 1848. Entering the Royal Navy, he first served aboard HMS Queen, joining HMS Monarch in December 1850 as Able Seaman. Described as 26 years old. 5 feet 6 inches tall and tattoo “C P” OD left arm. Discharged to HMS Albion 10th December 1850 arriving aboard this ship the following day as Able Seaman.

 The Description Book of Albion records Tattoo “C P” left arm. Entries throughout the Description Book of Albion refer to an unpaid debt of one pound. two shillings. five pence and three farthings from his service with Monarch per Accountant General’s Letter January 1852.

Serving aboard Albion during the Crimea War the 90-gun second rate received damage on 17th October 1854 whilst bombarding the fortress of Sebastopol being partially demastcd. Charles Phillips appears on the Crimea Medal roll for this ship TNA ADM171/26 page 36, bis entry is marked with “R” as be deserted (Run) 31st March 1855 while on leave in Constantinople.

Next traced when he entered HMS Shannon as Able Seaman 21st August 1857. Phillips gave false details when he entered Shannon stating his year of birth as 1831 and place of birth as London, the distinguishing marks remained the same tattoo “C P”od left arm and now the same on the right arm. Serving with the Naval Brigade from Shannon throughout the Mutiny, the clasp Lucknow is confined. Discharged shore “Paid off” when Shannon returned to Portsmouth in January 1859. The Indian Mutiny Medal roll records he was “Discharged Dead” Medal sent to his sister Mary 16th July 1862 TNA ADMl71/29 pages JO and 55. This last piece of research indicates Phillips re-entered the Royal Navy following his discharge shore from Shannon, the exact date of his death and aboard which ship is not ascertained.

58 clasps Lucknow, with research, mainly taken from Ships Musters. Provenance John Tamplin collection.