Indian Mutiny Medal 1857-1858, no clasp. Capt A. G. Shawe, 34th Regiment


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Captain Arthur George Shawe was born on 29 September 1818 and was baptised a year later at Barrackpore. He was the 2nd son and 3rd child of Colonel Matthew Shawe C.B. and Isabella Gethin Creagh. Colonel Shawe received a Peninsular Gold Medal for Badajoz as a Major in the 74th Foot, and served in Ava in 1826, but died during his return voyage. Arthur George Shawe was commissioned as Ensign in 81st Foot on 1 April 1836, and was promoted to Lieutenant in the 4th Foot on 23 August 1839. He was made 1st Lieutenant in the 21st Foot on 17 September 1839, and was promoted to Captain (unattached) on 7 June 1851. He joined the 70th Foot on 20 June1851, and then the 34th Foot on 26 January 1855, with whom he would serve during the Indian Mutiny. He retired as Captain on 7 April 1863 after 27 years service.