Indian Police Medal 1932 George V issue for distinguished conduct. Constable Abdul Ghafur, Punjab Police VF


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Addul Ghfaur, Constable This officer joined the police in August 1923 and has been commended on 39 occasions in the course of his 13 years service. While out on patrol on the night of the 24th September 1936 he heard shouts and noise from a village named Malla Shashu. He borrowed a shotgun and cartridges from a licence holder in a neighbouring village and hurried to the scene. He found a gang of Dacoits armed with guns had broken into a house and were firing at villagers, who had surrounded the house and were pelting the Dacoits with bricks. The constable took command of the situation and opened fire on the Dacoits, keeping them pinned to their positions until the arrival of a force of police. In this operation Constable Addul Ghfaur showed initiative, courage and power of organisation of the highest order.

N.B. “This award is made for gallantry under Regulation (d)(i) of the regulation governing the grant of the Indian Police Medal and consequently carries with it the special allowance admissible to officers of and below the rank of Inspector of Police. Sold with a copy of the citation from the Gazette of India, February 6th, 1937.