Medal for Capture of Rodrigues, Isle of Bourbon and Isle of France 1809-1810. GVF


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Capture of Rodrigues, Bourbon & Isle De France The Madras Government (east India Company) found their commercial interests endangered by the French occupation of the Isles De France & Bourbon where also numerous privateers found sanctuary and used as bases. General Abercrobie was in command of an expedition which began by occupying Rodrigues which was then used as a rendezvous by troops from Bombay and Madras. After slight resistance Bourbon fell to the combined sea and land forces on 8th July 1810 and the expedition to take the Isle De France (Mauritius) was then mounted. The force, having concentrated at Rodrigues, sailed for the Isle De France on 22nd November and on 3rd December 1810, the French having been completely out-generalled, Port St. Louis surrendered. The Island now reverted to its old name Mauritius so called originally by the Dutch in honour of their Prince Maurice. About 2,200 of the medals were awarded to the troops who took part but it is thought that many were over the years sold for melting or otherwise lost to posterity.